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Make the Most of Your Space: Small Fitted Kitchens

There’s good news for homeowners with limited space: small fitted kitchens can be beautiful. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a large kitchen diner, so making the most of an area that’s smaller is essential. Thankfully, there are a number of things you can do to maximise your space. Using a combination of colour, clever design, and imagination, you can create something that looks stunning.

Small Fitted Kitchen

Here at Manor Design, we’ve been doing exactly that for over 30 years. We specialise in the unique design, manufacture, and installation of fitted furniture in a wide range of styles. We work with our customers to understand their needs, and our aim is always to provide the perfect solution. So, read on to discover more about making the most of your space with a small fitted kitchen.


Fully fitted designs

A fully fitted kitchen is often the most successful way of making the most of a small area. It makes it easier to incorporate all the necessary elements such as layout, colour, and innovative storage ideas. A good design team can use these elements to create small fitted kitchens that feel spacious, luxurious, and functional.

Neutral tones

It’s well known that white can increase the sense of space, but it can also make kitchens look slightly clinical. A pale and neutral shade of grey will offset this effect, creating a cosier kitchen environment. The lightness of the colour will maintain the sense of space, but also add a feeling of warmth.

Awkward spaces

It’s important not to ignore all those tricky corners and awkward spaces in small fitted kitchens. Bespoke storage solutions which are made to measure will help you maximise these areas in the most attractive, as well as functional, ways. With the right design, you can make use of spaces that might otherwise be wasted.

Tower storage

The issue of limited floor space can be offset by making better use of wall space. Tower storage is a great way to achieve that, and there are a wide range of options available. From simple shelving to pull out larders, it’s the perfect solution for small fitted kitchens.

Plinth drawers

Kitchen units stand on small legs, and beneath each cabinet is an empty space concealed by kickboards. Clever design means these spaces can be turned into ‘hidden’ drawers, perfect for storing those items used for special occasions.

Boiling water taps

Work surface space for preparation and serving is also at a premium in small fitted kitchens. A great way to help declutter is to ditch the kettle and choose a stylish boiling water tap instead. Your kitchen may be small, but it really doesn’t have to be inconvenient.


Working with Manor Design

Here at Manor Design our experience gives us the edge when it comes to designing layouts for small fitted kitchens. A fully fitted kitchen can utilise and maximise limited space to the best advantage. So, to find out more about our kitchen design services, please contact us today.

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