Stoneham Kitchens | Strata and Holwood Kitchen Case Study

A New Strata In Stoneham Kitchens

At Manor Design, we pride ourselves on quality and innovation – and Simon Tristram’s ‘Strata and Holwood’ kitchen is a great example of how we go about doing this. Stoneham Kitchens have been in operation for over 150 years (since 1854), and have a fantastic reputation for quality – in fact, a Stoneham Kitchens are often used as a selling point when marketing properties. In 1995 – the company was issued a royal warrant by order of Queen Elizabeth II – a true mark of quality.

The centrepiece of the kitchen is the bespoke kitchen island in the centre of the room. Not only does the yin-yang inspired kitchen island look beautiful, it’s also immensely social. Built into the island is a bespoke bench carved into the side of the island with an accompanying table. It’s an ideal dining and social hub, especially as a dropped section in the work surface proves an ideal space for a television.

The island is also practical. Although it was custom made with bespoke LED under lighting and curved panels, Stoneham’s Holwood cupboard range in Anthracite Oak Stained was seamlessly incorporated into the island – giving a range of extra storage options. The same oak used in the Holwood range was used to make the bench and table, with the design feature of the recessed stripe being made from Stoneham’s Black and White Zebrano.

The top of the island itself was covered with a Corian worktop in Savanna. This work and dining surface also incorporates an induction hub – allowing people to cook and converse at the same time. The fact that the induction hob only heats up metal means that it’s only hot when pans are on it – a nice safety feature. The custom bulkhead mirrors the design of the island, and also includes an extractor over the induction hob. It provides a lighting function too – incorporating spotlights as well as scattered lights to provide a variety of lighting options for different occasions.

That’s not to forget the rest of the kitchen. Stoneham’s Strata cabinetry in French Grey was used in the rest of the kitchen. It houses top of the line Siemens appliances, including two integrated ovens. The placement of two full length pull out pantry cupboards between the two ovens make it easy to access (and hide) everything you might need for a family dinner or a large gathering of friends.

The LED lighting, as well as the yellow and green splashback was also custom made – giving Mr and Mrs Baker the unique accent they wanted for the focal point of their busy family life. The corner sink is recessed on the curved section of a practical workspace, sitting perfectly above radiused drawers. It’s suitable for family dinners, quick breakfasts and even intimate occasions.

More than anything, it shows how the quality of Stoneham cabinets can be flawlessly integrated with Manor Design’s innovation. You have a kitchen that becomes a beating heart of the home, a design feature that adds value to a home as well as something of a quality you know will last. Neither quality or design is compromised in any part of the kitchen’s design. The versatility of the design also goes to show how quality components can be used to meet the needs of any family, or any room.

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