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Transform Your Home with Our Bespoke Bedroom Furniture Ideas

When it comes to décor for your bedroom, you need it to reflect your own unique style and needs. While premade, off the shelf furniture can serve a practical purpose, it won’t give you the full benefits of furniture that is custom-made. Bespoke bedroom furniture offers a variety of perks, including design, functionality and more. Read on to find out the ways in which custom-made bedroom furniture can benefit you.

bespoke bedroom design with fitted wardrobes and storage space

How to Choose Bespoke Bedroom Furniture

When deciding on bespoke furniture for your bedroom, you need to first consider how it should look and feel. Do you want an all-in-one system that combines your bed frame with shelving and fold out tables? Fitted wardrobes, for example, can help increase the amount of storage available while reducing the amount of space used. Or, perhaps, you want something more straightforward and traditional in design, such as a matching bedroom set? With bespoke furniture, you can make your bedroom furniture an exact fit for your own space and desires. Bespoke bedroom furniture is especially ideal if your room is not standard in shape, for pieces can be made specifically for you. And with luxury finishing touches and an array of colours to choose from, whatever look you’re striving for you can achieve.


What Else Should I Know Before Choosing Bespoke Furniture?

When choosing bespoke furniture for your bedroom, you should also consider the following:

  • The size and shape of your bedroom.
  • The amount of storage you need.
  • Any extra space needed for items such as dressing tables and the like.
  • The main purpose of the room (e.g. is it a main bedroom, guest bedroom, or bedroom/office combined.)
  • Any items you need immediate access to and what can be safely stored away.
  • Colours and finishes preferred.


Bespoke Furniture Ideas

  • Fitted wardrobe with sliding doors for a more sleek and modern look.
  • Wardrobe doors with full length mirrors to increase light and a sense of space in the room.
  • Space saving corner fitted wardrobes with curved rails.
  • Walk in wardrobes with internal doors, open shelving, and plenty of space.
  • Wall to wall wardrobes built specifically for small and oddly shaped rooms.


Manor Designs

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