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When it comes to bespoke kitchen designs, one of the most important factors to consider is the storage capabilities. The more storage space available in your dream kitchen, the better you will be able to utilise your space. Fortunately, there are plenty of ideas for kitchen storage solutions you can use when creating your own bespoke kitchen. From custom cabinetry to hidden and pull-out storage features, here are some of the best kitchen storage solutions to consider for your bespoke kitchen.

Custom Cabinetry

With bespoke kitchens, you can design every aspect according to your needs rather than being limited by preset designs. With custom cabinetry, you can create enough storage space to fit your needs as well as the dimensions of anything you wish to store. This allows you to maximise your available space for storage even in small and awkward areas. Plus, by having them made bespoke you can use a range of materials and finishes to ensure your cabinets are long-lasting and durable.

Drawer Organisers

When it comes to keeping your kitchen tidy and well-organised, drawer organisers offer the perfect solution. Drawer organisers allow you to separate items into different compartments within your drawer, which in turn maximises and arranges your storage. They are a great way to protect more fragile items from being scratched by sharp objects such as knives and scissors or tangled up with the cords of electrical devices.

Pantry Storage

One of the most versatile options for storage in the kitchen involves using the pantry. Pantries are the perfect storage place for keeping food for longer and reducing visual clutter in the kitchen. There are also many different options for pantry storage including pull-out shelving, tiered pantry organisers, and labelled bins. This allows you to organise your pantry items, so they are easy to find and quick and easy to access.

Vertical Storage

If you have limited space available in your kitchen area, vertical storage can offer the perfect solution. This allows you to use available wall space for storage while keeping the rest of your kitchen area free for other purposes. Some great examples of vertical storage include hooks and racks for storing cups and other items, as well as wall and corner shelving for pots, pans and other cookware. Not only does this help you keep your kitchen organised but can make items easy to reach as well.

Hidden Storage

If you are going for a minimalist kitchen design, then hidden storage options offer plenty of advantages. Such options include pull-out rubbish bins, concealed cutting boards and hidden drawers. Such storage items will remain unseen until needed, enabling you to keep your kitchen area tidy and organised and allowing you to maximise your available space.

Manor Design

Manor Design has produced a wide variety of unique kitchen storage designs throughout the course of our nearly 70 years of experience. Working with leading manufacturers, we produce luxury kitchen solutions of any size that are one-of-a-kind for every home and of the highest quality. For a consultation on kitchen storage options in Essex, get in touch with us or visit our showroom to find out more.

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