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5 of Our Favourite Classic Bathroom Designs

Classic bathroom designs offer a unique and elegant look that never goes out of style. These designs can work for any size of bathroom and often do not need major renovations. In many cases, all it takes to create that classic look is to upgrade one statement piece and make it the bathroom’s focal point. From well-placed mirrors to engineered wood flooring, here are five of our favourite ideas for classic bathroom designs.

1. Mirrors

Mirrors are an attractive item to use in your bathroom, for the reflective quality of them increases the sense of light and space in the room. As such, mirrors work so well when paired with features such as marble tiles and freestanding baths. This is the perfect option for those who want to add a touch of class.

2. Patterned Walls

Another simple way to transform the look of your bathroom is to add patterns to the walls. Rather than a complete refit, you can just add wallpaper to your surroundings. Most wallpaper options can withstand moisture so long as you add proper ventilation to your bathroom. However, avoid applying wallpaper behind wet areas such as baths and sinks unless you use a Perspex sheet to create a splashback.

3. Engineered Wood Flooring

You cannot go wrong with engineered wood flooring to give your bathroom a traditional, rustic look. Engineered wood flooring can accentuate the clean lines of individual furniture pieces in the bathroom. Plus, unlike regular wood flooring, engineered wood is suitable for any bathroom where water is mopped up quickly. Alternatively, try wood effect vinyl or porcelain for similar styles.

4. Stow Away Furniture

Keep your bathroom area spacious and tidy with built in furniture. You can place painted cabinetry anywhere in your bathroom to create an attractive and functional vanity area. This creates the perfect solution for keeping brushes and hair products stored away and your bathroom uncluttered. Combine them with Venetian mirrors and wooden shutters to complete your bathroom design.

5. Modern Classic Design

You can combine modern fittings with classic furniture pieces to create a unique look for your bathroom. For example, choose minimalistic tiles and glass furnishings along with traditional mirrors, tables, baths, and sinks.


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