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Design Inspiration: White Handleless kitchens

One of the best ways to create a modern, sophisticated kitchen space is with the use of white handle-less kitchens. White handle-less kitchens will bring to your home an ultra-contemporary look that is stylish, spacious and clean. Here are some of the benefits that white handle-less kitchens can provide.

white handleless kitchen by manor design

Ultra-Modern Design

White handleless kitchens not only look great, but they also give your home a modern feel that fits well with the latest kitchen technology. You can easily complement a bespoke, handle-less kitchen design with a range of smart appliances on the market. Best of all, these kitchens will look up-to-date for many years to come.

More Space

Not only do white handleless kitchens look more spacious, but they also remove the elements that make other kitchen designs look and feel cluttered. By getting rid of the handles, there will be a lot more space to utilise in your kitchen. You will enjoy being able to move around freely without the risk of bumping into or getting caught on any jutting elements.

Sleek Finish

Handleless kitchens offer a sleek, streamlined look to your home, especially when combined with a smart white finish. Without the awkward jutting handles and other elements found in traditional kitchen designs, a handle-less kitchen creates a uniform, smoother design with modern lines that run along your various units.

Cleaner Feel

With white handle-less kitchens, you can cut down on the amount of dirt and grime that can so easily accumulate with other kitchen designs. Dirt and other unwanted material tends to build up in hidden places over time, such as behind and under handles. By eliminating these elements, you will find it much easier to keep your kitchen clean.

Safer Design

Kitchen handles can pose a risky obstacle for people who are moving around and preparing food. By eliminating these elements, you will be less likely to get caught on the edges, or accidentally graze yourself while moving past. This helps to make working in the kitchen much safer and easier.

Bespoke Design

Every home is unique, and each kitchen should reflect the individual needs and tastes of the homeowner. When designing white handleless kitchens there are many styles and design choices to choose from. That is why it is best to go with a professional design team like Manor Design to create your perfect modern handleless kitchen.

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