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Design Inspiration: Home Cinema Rooms

There is nothing more comfortable than spending the evening relaxing in your own home cinema watching your favourite film! Most people will have a vision of what the perfect cinema room would be, but what this looks like is different for everyone. You will have to consider everything from décor to lighting, as well as the pieces of furniture that you will need. Here is our guide to creating the perfect home cinema design.

A home cinema with a beige sofa to the left hand side facing the right wall with a large projector image on it that is dark

1. Setup

The first thing to consider is where you intend to put your home cinema. Smaller rooms away from high traffic areas, and with little to no natural light, lend themselves perfectly to home cinema design. Smaller spaces with low ceilings are better for acoustics, while natural light can hinder the home cinema experience. Keep in mind that carpeted floors and textile/padded walls will help absorb sound better than wood or tiles, creating improved sound quality. Make sure you have an electrician on hand throughout the project so you can consult them on the right placement and installation of screens, speakers, and other electrical equipment. Finally, use dark and moody tones to decorate your cinema room to keep the light levels low.

2. Lighting

Bright, glaring lights are the enemy of home cinemas, and should be avoided. Instead, choose ambient lighting that is ultra-soft and relaxing. Short table lamps and LED lighting are two options that can improve the atmosphere, but make sure these fit in with your overall décor. Choose window shades made of a heavy material like wool or linen that can direct sunlight downwards. In addition, avoid chrome or brass lamp stands as these tend to pick up light and bounce them around the room, creating a distraction.

3. Comfort

The next thing to look at for your home cinema setup is your seating. Whatever seating or sofa choice you prefer, choose one that offers you the full comfort of cinema seating. Your seating should give you enough depth to stretch out, offer plenty of room, and enough comfort to relax through an entire movie. An L-shaped or corner sofa is great for multiple people to fit around a screen. You can even consider ottomans, pouffes, cushions and blankets for extra touches of luxury.

4. Décor

Finally, your home cinema setup can be further enhanced with some glamorous décor. Perhaps some nods to Hollywood and the age of the silver screen, such as velvet upholstery or an Art Deco style drinks cart. Sculptures and artwork depicting the likes of Chaplin, Bogart, Hepburn, and other legends of the Golden Age of Hollywood would also complement your room nicely. These touches can add some classic flair to your home cinema environment and get your guests talking the next time they visit.


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