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Clever Kitchen Gadgets & Appliances for Every Home

Because every home is unique, the process of creating a dream kitchen is different every time. Each bespoke kitchen requires various design options, furniture, and appliances to make it truly reflect the tastes of the owner. Choosing the right equipment that makes the kitchen fully functional while also looking its best is often overlooked as an important part of the design process, but we know that details matter. At Manor Design, we supply a range of innovative kitchen gadgets that make cooking and food preparation quick and easy. Here are some of the cooking gadgets that are the perfect fit for a variety of homes.

NEFF Slide and Hide Oven

The Slide&Hide oven from NEFF features a unique, fully retractable oven door that makes cooking safer and more convenient. This door gives you better oven access, making it easier to remove large items while also avoiding any spills. Throughout the cooking process, you can slide out the oven door, allowing you to easily prepare, cook and monitor food. With an ergonomically designed handle, you to open and close the slide and hide door without any strain. This oven is perfect for small or minimalist kitchens as it disappears into the walls, creating more space.

Siemens Smart Connect Fridge Freezers

Not only do Siemens Smart Connect fridges and freezers keep your food cool and fresh, but they also come with a range of features that make food storage and preparation easier. By connecting your fridge freezer to the Home Connect app, it can perform a range of essential functions that will make your life simpler. For example, your fridge can alert you when you need to restock certain products, where best to store them for optimal freshness, and what their shelf life is. It can even self-adjust the cooling settings as needed or alert you if the door is left open or the temperature rises above an acceptable level. These kitchen gadgets are the perfect choice for taking the hassle out of storing food.

Miele Alexa-controlled Appliances

Miele has teamed up with Amazon to allow functionality between Alexa voice assistant and their range of smart cooking gadgets. Now you can use voice commands to operate any of your Miele ovens, cooktops, coffee machines and refrigerators. With Alexa, the possibilities for using your appliances can go beyond simple cooking functions. You can ask Alexa to monitor your cooking, or you can ask it to tell you what the recipe of the week is. Voice control from Alexa is just another way to make cooking and food preparation easier overall.

Manor Design

We work with a wide variety of leading brands to create innovative, high-quality kitchens that are unique to every home. To find out more about these and other appliance brands that we offer, please get in touch. You can arrange a consultation for bespoke kitchens in Essex, or visit us in person at our showroom today.

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