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Bespoke Media Unit Ideas

Having a brand-new television in your living room can make for an exciting addition to your home. However, sometimes a new feature like this can tend to be too dominant in the room and spoil its overall look. In such cases, having a bespoke media unit made to integrate your screen into the room can be an excellent idea. Bespoke TV units allow your screens to blend with the aesthetics of their environment while creating useful storage areas and hiding unsightly cables.

Here are some ideas for creating a bespoke media & entertainment unit in your home.

Frame and Feature

One way to incorporate your big screen into your living space is to create a framing effect around it. By building a bespoke media unit around your TV, you not only allow it to blend into the overall design but also incorporate customised shelving and cabinetry which can be used to store other media accessories or even artwork and books.

This style of media unit allows the screen to match with other features in the room and makes it feel less like an afterthought.

Concealed Elements

If your television unit is large perhaps you would prefer that it not be always on display but instead hidden away when not in use. You can easily create a bespoke TV unit with a tailored enclosure that hides your television away whenever you so desire. For example, you could hide your screen behind two hinged cabinet doors or use a full-length sliding panel.

This can also be a great way to hide away any other media equipment you have as well as wiring and cables.

Made to Fit

If your home features a particular architectural style, then you can easily create a bespoke media unit that matches the existing overall aesthetics. For example, if you have a Victorian or Edwardian-style property, then you can design a media unit that incorporates your modern technology into the features of your period property’s style.

By including a bespoke unit in your home, you can balance the different elements to create a timeless look.

Make a Statement

Another way to help your existing television unit to complement your existing décor is to build a media unit that makes a dramatic statement. This can easily be done by opting for a contrasting shade of colour for your media unit. For example, a dark shade can help reduce the overall impact of the screen and help it blend in while also making an impact in the room.

Whatever colour scheme you prefer, you can easily create a bespoke unit that coordinates well with your room.

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